Chips Ahoy! recently debuted two new flavors of it’s “thin” cookie variety. Oatmeal, and Double Chocolate have taken to the shelves! How do you get excited about smaller cookies? A giant cookie jar!

Taking place on January 18th, Chips Ahoy! made a massive cookie jar to help promote their new flavors. The jar, which measures 10 feet high by one foot thick, sat at the Time Warner Center in NYC. The jar wasn’t only full of the new cookies, but fans got to sample the new product, as well as enter a contest to win a year supply!

Sofia Oliveira, Sr. Brand Manager, Chips Ahoy! North America had some thoughts about the new product. 

“Our Chips Ahoy! THINS product line has been met with incredible excitement and enthusiasm. To continue this excitement, we’re thrilled to celebrate our delicious new flavor varieties, Oatmeal and Double Chocolate, in a way that only Chips Ahoy! THINS could do. Our THIN-credible Cookie Jar not only embodies our larger-than-life passion for cookies, it’s also a very fun way to interact with our fans.”

The event was a one day only deal, but provided an excellent chance for the product to get it’s voice heard.

What would you think about this product getting integrated with oatmeal? Would oatmeal cookies, inside oatmeal be redundant? Oatmealception? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PRNewsWire

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images



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